2016 Cross the line KH5 GalleryZuerich (Switzerland) group show
2015 Cross the line La CaveParis (F) group show
2015 Life of a Singularity Atelier Santa KiaraTorino (I) book presentation
2014 Oral Pill Administration Artundressed Miami, Florida (US) art festival
2014 Mimesis Bizzarro Festival Roma (I) art festival
2014 Life of a Singularity MAC - Miradoli Arte Contemporanea GalleryMilan (I) one-man show
2014 Life of a Singularity Gallery Box 32Ber­lin (D) one-man show
2011 Rota­tion of the World… But­ter­BrotBer­lin (D) group show
2010 Cen­sor­ship goes strange Vol. 2 CA Gal­leryBologna (I) two-man show
  Cen­sor­ship goes strange Vol. 1 La Pil­lolaBologna (I) two-man show
  She is the but­ter on my bread But­ter­BrotBer­lin (D) group show
2009 Das Unheim­liche WIR Gal­leryBer­lin (D) two-man show
2008 Il corpo tat­tile dell’Immagine RE:VoltReg­gio Emilia (I) group show
  Art Live Chair and the Maiden Gal­lery, New York City (USA) group show
  Mensch + Gegenstand AB Pro­ject Ber­lin Gal­leryBer­lin (D) group show
2007 Does it really hurt? AB Pro­ject Ber­lin Gal­leryBer­lin (D) one-man show
2006 Psy­chi­at­ric Hos­pital Playground Mon­drian Suite Gal­leryRoma (I) one-man show
  Scan­dal and Shame Gut­tuso Gal­leryTaorm­ina (I) one-man show
  Female signs Nocturne Jan­ine Bean Gal­leryBer­lin (D) group show
2005 Moi, femmes? (Retrospective) Mama gal­leryBologna (I) one-man show
  La pre­cari­età del corpo Villa Ser­enapro­ject sponsored by Alma Mater & Muni­cip­al­ity of Bologna (I) group show
  Imma­gin­ario Erotico Mama gal­leryBologna (I) group show
  Rit­ratti Intimi Spazio GodotReg­gio Emila (I) one-man show
2003 Anim­als KitKat clubBer­lin (D) one-man show
2002 Female Icons DKBBer­lin (D) one-man show